Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Back from Holidays

No Pics at the moment, but they will be coming.

Got home Monday mid-afternoon from a week of camping.

It was fun. Justin had a hoot. Making crafts, swimming, playing with take-along Thomas, going for walks, making camp fires, playing at grammer's, listening to music in the park. He had so much fun and was for the most part a really good boy. :)

Jim relaxed and read.

It had it's ups and downs. Got there later than planned on Monday due to lack of sleep on Jim's part, needing a new trailer hitch and then learning we needed something to help the chains reach the van hitch with the new trailer hitch. All sorts of little delays that made things a challenge. The girl who set us up on a campsite made an error in judgment so we needed to move the trailer. Doing this at the end of a day after one has partially set up already.... NOT FUN! :) And the campsite debit/credit machines were down which was just not so good when one doesn't do a lot of cash. Running around every where it seemed that day. Monday night the brakes weren't working so hot....... Should add that all the small delays of Monday have got Jim thinking that we need a high side trailer OR a hard side so that more things can be permanently or more easily packed into the trailer.

Tuesday we had (absolutely had to) take the van in for work. We learned needed a whole whack of brake lines put in. $600 later that we didn't budget for.... Meant that Jim did a lot of biking back and forth from the campsite to the car repair. Tiring day for him, a mostly alone day for Justin and I. BUT I learned that I can get our gazebo up all by myself. Just takes time and patience. When Jim was there we went to the pool.

Wednesday... swimming, sleeping, relaxing, reading. We headed out for the splash pad in downtown London for Justin to just play and play some more. Jim's birthday! He's now 42. I managed to get myself a lovely migraine. My second one. Still don't like them. Makes everything look odd and just is NOT fun. We went out for dinner at the Mandarin (buffet dining), everything looked ever so bright to and Jim brought me most of my food since brightness and a wonky head make for lots of dizzy spells. Dizzy spells, a boy child clinging and a plate of food, NOT a good combination we learned.

Thursday ... more of the same. :) Jim let me nap a bit while he watched Justin in the morning. Justin managed to scare the day lights out of me when he pounced on me. NEVER have a 39.5 lb child pounce on you while you are sleeping. It's just too good of way to check if your heart is still beating!!!

Friday ... more of the same. :) We hoped to get to the folk festival in the evening, but Justin didn't nap and was getting grumpy by music time so we said...ah, this year we don't need to go there.

Saturday, we stopped at gramma's house to drop off Sassy for safe keeping as music festivals and strange dogs is not a good combination for her. Justin decided rather firmly that he wanted to stay at gramma's rather than go to a park with no slides. :) So he changed those plans on us. Just as well because it turned into a rather drizzily day which would have made things a challenge for Justin to stay dry. Heard some good music. Upper Thames music society does some good bluegrass and the blues workshops are always fun to listen to.

Sunday. We went to church at First Baptist down town. Sermon wasn't great. People were welcoming. We listened to two workshops and then Jim got a massive headache, went to go pick up Justin and take some pain pills at his mom's house. Justin had fun listening to music, playing with some other children, he made a sand balloon ball and picked up some plastic chain things for making a necklace. Saw lots of crafts and pictures of dogs which just captured his interest for a fair while. Rained overnight.

Monday I had a doctor's appointment in the morning. before I left for that I set things out to dry. Things were getting well on their way to being dry when I left, Jim commented that he'd start putting things away for the trip home, while I was gone it rained buckets! Everything got soaked through and through. What a mess! Just a total mess. Hard to pack up things when everything is soaked through.

So we got home mid-afternoon to a smelly house (due to rotten meat in a fridge freezer that stopped freezing) and a wet trailer. But life is good. God has blessed us with a week away from things.
  • My rabbits were well-cared for (if a bit overfed), the garden got weeded Tuesday morning as an excellent way to reduce stress levels and I had two litters of rabbits born and one of mice.
  • My mom came over and blessed us with a mostly clean main floor.
  • The Deacons finally decided they might do something with the fridge late Tuesday night. YEAH!!! They might do something!!!!! :) Oh... I need a fridge........
  • Jim had fun playing golf and managed to find what he needed to fixing a thing on my car. he got it fixed!!!
YEAH!!! Isn't he good??? Not just my man (though he is...having the skills and patience to repair my car)...but God. God is good and gives us what we need to get through.

I think I got all the days straight. When I can locate cameras and such like again I'll post pictures either here interspersed, or in a separate post. Cheers all!


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jen elslager said...

Wow what a week! I'm so sorry about your fridge, brake lines, and migraine, but glad you had some fun. :)

Annette said...

hey was a week away and that was good. we're hoping for another week away fairly soon.