Monday, May 26, 2008

Vacation Report - May 2008

Jim had a week off work.
It was filled with this that and the other thing. :)

Go here for stuff that Jim did. Van work, garden work and such like.

Go here for our trip to the zoo. Warning this is fairly picture laden.

We also spent the weekend attending as volunteers at the Regionals trials for the Agility Association of Canada. We had a lot of fun. Saw a lot of dogs run. Some really good, some well... some that needed to do some more work on handling skills and/or focus. As volunteers we were treated well, though I found not as many messages of appreciation thrown my way as last year, thought that a bit odd. But hey, I did my job as best I could and had fun doing it. I stewarded, Jim ring crewed on Saturday. Sunday morning we listened to a sermon on the radio, and both of us ring crewed for the duration of the day. Jim received a Starbucks card for his help, I picked up a shirt and some pretty candles for helping out. OH! and in the Saturday raffle I won a new chair! Cool eh? Justin and Sassy stayed at gramma's house.

This morning Jim left at 700 a.m. to go the banner of truth Trust conference that he attends annually. He took a fellow pastor from town down with him.

So that's it. Justin and I will hold down the fort here this week. Jim will hopefully recoup some energies and life continues under God's good graces.

Cheers all!

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