Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Today's Expenses

Our not quite so local solid Christian bookstore is moving. They are moving from Guelph to Kitchener. Saving rental costs and getting a bigger space. Heinz is looking forward to the move.
They are having a 40-80% off sale. :)

Jim was excited.

We took a chance with a boy suffering from a bad cold and headed down to Guelph.
Justin did fairly well until he put a hole in his bottle nipple and then he just had a melt-down. I left Jim to look at books and Justin and I headed to the local wal-mart to get a new bottle nipple for him. He's still not too impressed because we couldn't find "just the right one" for him.

And no... I need no comments about him still having a bottle.
he's a good boy with two areas of VERY strong will, his bottle is one of them. But he's getting better with it. :)

Anyways, we came back to a hubby/daddy who was looking pleased.
I looked at a few books, came up with some I thought would be useful with Justin. :)
No, I didn't look for myself, I trust Jim to know what I like/need. And right now I have enough to read and do.

We thought we were all done and some friends of Jim's came in so he chatted with them for a while. As he did so, Justin discovered some story books that he liked. Dad said, sure you can get them, so he did. :)

We left with a hungry and tired boy. (he was hungry!!!! yeah!!! He's getting better, he wants more to eat than chocolate milk!!!!!) Got him food (fries and a slice of cheese), he was much happier, he napped in the car. I left him in it while I emptied the van. H even ate a bit for supper. Ah...good to have a boy who's starting to feel better.

Anyways, spent a bit of money for a lot of books. Fun times. :)

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