Friday, April 25, 2008

Some News

"I want tagu" was the early morning cry that got me up this morning. Tagu had fallen to the floor. When I went in to rescue him, that cry was quickly followed by "I have pee in my diaper!" and "I want pants." All needs cared for, little boy went easily back to bed. Me on the other hand, stayed awake! :)

So yesterday I moved bunnies around. Was planning to put them along the side fence by the hedge, but experimenting with my two dry does and buck I decided that Bob's (neighbour) thoughts were accurate. That location over the summer months would be too hot for the bunnies unless I figured out some sort of shade for them. Right now I have them along the side of the house, I had to move the canoe out of the way first. I have to figure out where to put the rest, plus I have two cages left to build. I THINK I will put them on the opposite side of the house, behind the privacy hedge. There they will be protected by shade as well. Makes it not as convenient to care for them when they are scattered about, but what's more important, my convenience or caring properly for animals under my control?

Decided this week to withdraw from conversation over at Exetercrc.blogspot. I came to the conclusion that there was no point in my spending time there. Why waste my energies on people who were determined NOT to change their minds. Who were arrogant and self-serving, and who didn't answer questions put to them? Several times I would ask a question and I would either end up being attacked or belittled but the question would not be answered. Having also to deal with people who thought it okay to attack others from the screen of anonymity was getting a bit tiresome as well. My energies are better served elsewhere.

Managed to find bunny care for the rabbits while we are on holidays in May. YEAH! :)

Oh...went to the rummage sale Wednesday and Thursday from the hospital. They put it on two times a year. Went Wednesday night (let Jim put J to bed), got some books, clothing for J. Then on Thursday again (half price day) got clothing for all three, a writing desk (needs a bit of repair), more books, a whack of unused candles and J picked out a few trucks that he wanted. All told spent $26.70 in support of our local hospital. It's like a huge yard sale. It was really nice this year how they moved it from the smaller side to the bigger. Made it much easier to get around and didn't feel so claustrophobic. :)

Jim's put up the trailer. One small boy child wants to spend ALL of his time in there now. He's having a hoot exploring everything in it. I'm not having as much of a hoot trying to keep it decently clean and putting stuff away again. :) But hey....I've found that if I let him explore it takes less time for him to work it out of his system. So it is all good.

I think that's it for an update here. so Cheers!

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