Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Prayer Request - Dad

Got a phone call from Mom tonight at 9 p.m.

While she was away shopping in Kitchener my dad thought it behooved him to make another birdhouse.

The Skilsaw thought it behooved it to attack my father's hand!

He ended up not appreciating the skilsaw. But it happened so fast it could have accidentally made a wrong decision. :)

It removed a chunk from his thumb (a piece of flesh). Mangled his index and middle finger and took the first digit off the ring finger. Has stitches in middle finger.

They gave him intravenous pain meds, sent him home with a prescription for Tylenol Three which he hates taking, told him to come back in the morning.

They are hoping to get him in with a plastic surgeon.

He sounds okay. YEAH!

Now for my mom...she's still a bit AHHH!!!!
Here she came home from Kitchener, ready to say hi to dad, no dad to be found. Drops of blood on the dad. Go to neighbours on both dad, and they know nothing.
Okay...where could dad be?????
Call the hospital... Was uncle Dick okay? Yep, dad's not there.
Call the emerg....was Dad perhaps there? YES, he's still there.
Relief...mingled with worry. She got there 5ish, they left 8ish.
Dad apparently called the ambulance to come help. YEAH for clear-mindedness. :)
It took them a while to control the bleeding. Happened around 2 p.m.

So, the adrenaline has to stop flowing for mom. Dad seems okay, but the pain meds haven't worn off yet. They'll see how it all goes.

But he's okay.

What to pray for:
1. No infection to set in.
2. No need for plastic surgery (unless can use local anesthetic).
3. Praise that it wasn't any worse.
4. That pain levels remain at a manageable level.

Thank you.


jen elslager said...

Oh my goodness! What a ride! I'll be praying him (and her!)... I'm going to jot off an email to them...

Annette said...

Jen, thank you. :) I sent you their new email addie.