Friday, April 25, 2008

Other Justin Favourites

This is a flap book. Justin got this from his Auntie Joan last year for Christmas. It has remained a total favourite of one young lad. :) Thanks Auntie Joan. :)

Then there is this one that we found somewhere... I think at a discount place. It was cheap...50 Cents, I figured I'd see what he thought. He loves it too! I find it fascinating the different things he notices as he matures. he loves it when the duck quacks, especially since ducks don't quack well with a mouthful of hay! :) Read the book to discover what we mean. :)

Auntie Joan also got him this one: Also a lift the flap book. This book is just another fascination for him. Though tonight he stymied me asking, where bird take ornament? I had NO CLUE. There is no bird in this book that takes any ornaments. Go figure.

Justin gives this two thumbs up! :) Read it gain? Read it gain mommy? One more time?

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