Wednesday, April 30, 2008

My Hubbie a Boon to me

So my hubby yesterday while I was at the dentist for 1.5 hours cleaned the downstairs of the house. Went to the dentist for the main work of getting a cap on a tooth. Dr. MacGregor is a really nice dentist. :)

He was successful in this endeavor because he refused to let the boy child help in any way, shape or form. Not like mommy who lets him help and therefore finds it takes forever to get things done. :)

The downstairs was so nice and clean! The kitchen, the living room AND the hallway!!!! He even cleaned the downstairs toilet!!!!!!!! :)

Such a boon for me.
I hate going to the dentist. It always seems to take forever for my mouth to feel normal again, for the freezing to come out, for my jaw not to feel like it isn't quite attached to my body and so forth. It can take 5-8 days to feel right again. The first day I always feel like horse kicked me in the head. We had company coming for coming home to a house that was looking so much better was just....oh...such a blessing.

As I told my Jim...I know you probably did this for really selfish reasons....but right now this is just a boon and blessing to me. So thank you. :)

And I just wanted the world (or at least the world that cares enough to read this blog) to know my hubby is a total sweetie. :)


Holly said...

Aw, that is so wonderful! :) What a nice guy!

jen elslager said...

That's so sweet! Way to go, Jim!