Thursday, March 06, 2008

Good new, good news..oh...good news.

Don't think I've shared it here.
BUT I've been praying for some folks my MIL knows well.
They were having a difficult pregnancy with all kinds of nasty prognosis's (did I spell that right?) They had been urged to abort and said no. They really wanted a baby and were having troubles having one.

They had a baby girl! Called her Courtney.
Born c-section. (which was planned because of nasty prognosis)
Yes, her liver is outside her body, BUT other than that, she is healthy! And it is starting to slip inside where it belongs. They are hoping for no surgical intervention other than stitching her up. They will give it one month to see how it all goes.

But she's healthy. 6 lbs something or other.
She's feisty.

He is one proud papa. Mama is doing well.



jen elslager said...

Wonderful! Praise God for little ones!

Annette said...

pretty cool isn't it? :) I was so thrilled for them.