Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Christian Carnival is here Today

At Rich Vosler's Salespower we find this post " don't let your struggles Defeat you".
Despite our struggles, in Gods eyes, we are still full of beauty. And sometimes he allows those struggles to come to us to train us and shape us so we can stand out on the beach of life as his precious examples.
Heart, Mind, Soul and Strength lays before us this post : "Scholarship: Objectivity or Passion?".
Sometimes I wonder whether, in our drive to be taken seriously in an academic world that is frequently hostile towards Christianity, we have sold out: whether we have made compromises we cannot afford to make.
Chrysalis gives us "Theology - Preparing for Easter".
Abel’s bringing of the lamb was with some measure of understanding that he himself could not make up for what had been done, that it was impossible to figure out a way of paying for sin oneself, that it was necessary for the price to be paid in another way, and that God had really spoken truth when He said to come with the lamb as a sacrifice.
Homeward Bound gives us "All for Good?"
Had a bad day? It'll all work out, they say, because “God works for the good of those who love Him.” Lost some money? It probably went to someone who needed it, and you’ll get it back some day. Lost your job? You get the idea. I’ve even heard this applied to lost limbs.
From children, chocolate and other paths to God comes this post "catholics and the environment"
So my questions are these - do Catholics view the deterioration of our enviroment as something humans can stop, or is it all part of the drama that is the Last Days? How does the Bible address how humans should take care of the earth? Do we believe that God will provide for us after the last tree is felled? Is using the earth's resources considered "damaging" it, and if so, is it too late to undo centuries of "damage"?
Diary of One presents "my testimony".
Can I get a witness? I’ve created my own little “meme” and it’s about the most important subject to me, my faith in God and life in Christ. More than anything, I like to hear people’s stories of their faith journey - their testimony. Here is a bit of mine,.....
Brain Cramps for God presents: "the Listening Heart - the decline of vocation 1"
The organic society presented by Paul requires different parts with different functions - called together into an organic whole to fulfill a transcendent function under a unifying outside, and greater, good or force. In an organic society, each person is indispensable; while in modern society, organized like a machine, each individual is interchangeable because if all individuals are equal, each will do just as well. Or, at least, those are the ideals - and the reason to create a culture of alienated and isolated individuals whose ties to the land, family, faith, or indeed anything but the state and/or the company, are broken.
Light along the Journey gives us "Joy--what's the real thing?"
“What’s the real thing?” when talking about joy strikes me as a very important question, perhaps one of the most important questions we can ever ask about life. There are few people who would say that they wouldn’t want more joy in their life. Most would agree that they actively seek for joy.
Fish and Cans offers up this post "Stay Away from it".
So Paul gives Timothy a reminder of what is to be taught. That we are to have a love that comes as a result of our having a pure heart, a good conscience and a sincere faith. That's what we as believers are to have. We can't have that if we do things we aught not do, if we question our faith in God through focusing on things that are not of God, and if our hearts are not pure. So we need to focus on God and the things of God to truly show love, this is how one grows love. :)
Journey Across the Sky brings this post "Rescue Me".
There is a disaster that awaits all who have not dialed 911 for themselves. Although the dangers are as real as a flood or fire, many seem to overlook their need for rescue from an eternity separated from God.
The bible podcast offers this for us: "Episode 52, Christianity 101 - Romans 1:1-15"
This is the introductory episode for a new series studying the book of Romans. This episode will provide an overview of why we will be studying the book of Roman.
Bounded Irrationality has this to say "Christian Economics".
Economics exists because of scarcity. People need/want more than is available. So Economics looks at how we use limited resources to distribute goods to people with limitless wants.

Christianity explains that we have limited resources because we are living outside of God's plan for our species. Christianity explains our limitless desires as the aftermath of our broken fellowship with God.
A boomer in the Pew stops in with "God, Monet, and my Digital Camera".

Paul tells us in 1 Corinthians that we see in a mirror dimly. God tells us, in His word, that some things are not going to be known and are actually secret to us on this earth.

Lets all slow down and seek the unseen in our lives. Lets understand that we don't see all things clearly and that maybe, just maybe God will make a few things a little more clear to us if we seek His face.

Free Money Finance gives us a slightly older post, but a post none-the-less, here's "let the rich man go".

How about you? Have you ever had a situation where something done/taught at a church or other charity made you threaten to leave or simply just walk away with your giving?
Parableman presents"Obama on homosexuality"
I want to delve a little bit into the contrast he draws between the Sermon on the Mount and Romans 1. The gist of his statement is (1) the Sermon on the Mount is more central to Christian faith than an "obscure" passage in Romans, and (2) the Sermon on the Mount should influence our attitudes toward civil unions in some positive way.
Rodney Olsen brings us "Is Faith a crutch for the weak?"
Is faith simply an invention to help the weak? Is God just a projection of our own needs? Do we simply create the god we need in our own minds?
At Jody's Devotionals we come to this post "Drying out the bones"
Now this is a somewhat different way of looking at this passage. Normally we just assume the bones, and we look for the miracle experienced by Ezekiel in vision as the bones come together, receive flesh, and then come back to life.

"Ripples" is the post from Angelawd.
Sometimes we are the ones planting a seed of spirituality in another person. At other times, we are the ones watering the seed someone else planted. And sometimes, we are the ones helping to harvest the flowering of a soul.

Each of these actions produces ripples in the world - a small wave of action that touches one life after another. We will never fully know, this side of heaven, how far these ripples reach.

At the Thinking Christian we find this post " How Not to Support "Expelled;" How Not to Attack Evolution".
Media reports on Intelligent Design, with their frequent misunderstandings and distortions, can make a person cringe. Unfortunately, there are times when ID defenders and creationists can make you cringe, too. There are plenty of good ways to stand in sympathy with Intelligent Design, to support creationism (not the same topic, but closely enough related to be included in the same post), or to attack evolutionary theory. There are also some not-so-good ways.
Got Bible shows up with "Inspired Scripture".
Paul addressed the letter to Timothy and even pointedly gave him specific instructions, but Paul knew that Timothy would read the letter to his church and knew that the letter would be recopied and passed along to other groups. Since I believe that Paul was divinely inspired I know that he had to realize his letters would become missives that would be passed along from Christian to Christian, from church to church, and over time would be available for posterity by becoming part of Scripture….Scripture that is indeed inspired by God.
I have to admit, this is my first time doing this....but Jeremy was a fine help to me. Hope I did a good enough job. Some posts didn't make the cut since their sites didn't appear to be Christian in any way, or just didn't suit the nature of this carnival. If you were missed let me know and I'll rectify the situation OR explain why you weren't included (if you think you were wrongly excluded).


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