Saturday, March 01, 2008

Blogs I thought worth a good look

A Habit of Peace over at a Diary of One.
I’m calling it a habit because I have some control over this attitude of the heart and mind; peace is a practice and pattern I can cultivate no matter the circumstances around me.
Knowing God's Will over at a boomer in the pew.
I am going to explore how we, as believers in Jesus Christ, can find God's will in our personal lives.

Weekend Warriors over at Beyond the Rim.
Are you a weekend warrior? As a Christian, that would apply to those of us who put God on the back burner during the workweek and then try to get energized, mostly due to Sunday Services, on the weekend.

Testimony over at Participatory bible Study.
They have come and seen Jesus because of her testimony, and now their belief no longer rests on her words, but on their own knowledge and experience of Jesus.

The Son of God and the sons of God over at heart, mind, soul and strength.
The phrase “Son of God” has layers of meaning with rich overlap between them. Far from being a meaningless phrase, the meanings are interrelated and plot a trajectory of God reaching out to the world through his wisdom and understanding and love -- and ultimately through Christ -- to transform his people into Sons of God.
oh.. and this one, Genesis 3 over at Kiwi and an Emu

Adding this one by Anne v over at Holy Experience, how (not) to practice the presence of God.
And yet, practice is necessary. “Living in the presence of the Lord requires practice. It takes practice for us to allow ourselves to see…” writes Ernest Boyer, Jr. God's presence need not be practiced, He, omnipresent One. Didn't Brother Lawrence's compelling life give evidence that it is we who need the practice?


jennifer in OR said...

Thank you for thinking my post was worth a good look! And I'll have to take another look at the others...

David Porter said...

Thanks for the mention. I appreciate your confidence and trust.

Anonymous said...

Likewise, thanks for the compliment.