Friday, March 21, 2008

An Article to Read

was going to post this yesterday, but we ended up going to London to get our taxes done. We're both getting a refund! Rather cool that. Me because of an overpayment of CPP, and well...let's just say Jim's refund will go a good way to paying down some debt. We can pay off our new bed! :)

Anyways, Voice of Vision linked me to a post by Bill Gnade, it's over at Contratimes. Go read it!

This is what JD had to say: this post
goes to the deeper issues regarding the scandal of Eliot Spitzer. You need to read this post!!! It will go in a direction you might not have anticipated. These are important truths that need to be sounded out again and again. We are at war, and the Enemy is using every one and every tactic imaginable to rape our eyes and sap our souls.
I do know that it often surprises me at the times my hubbie mentions are problems for men...even this solid rock of a man that I depend on so highly. It's like oh...yes, I know men are highly visual but that didn't even come up for me as a consideration.

Makes it so important then in how we as women can help our Christian brothers out, particularly when it comes to things like worship. Dress modestly (it helps keep focus where it aught to be). Watch how you do what you do. It's not like men want to be so highly visual and distracted or tempted, but they are so very visual that it's important to help however we can.

And then, as Bill says, treat people the same. If you are angry at some fellow for exploiting a woman, be also angry at the media that does the same.
It's amazing that so many folks can take the high road against those men who have sinned with prostitutes, and yet are curiously silent when those same prostitutes are paraded nude through video and print so they may incite lust and lubricity among tens of thousands. It is wrong, no doubt, for Mr. Spitzer to use prostitutes; but it is, apparently, OK for the snickering masses who denounce him (and men like him) as hypocrite to later go and salivate and secrete at the sight of the same exploited prostitutes in magazines and movies.
It's a good article. Go read it. :)

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