Sunday, December 09, 2007

Sources for Children's Toy Online

Someone, can't remember who, listed off some places where one might go to find quality children's toys. I have to admit, I am somewhat too lazy, but mostly today too tired, to figure out which blogger it was who pointed me in the direction of these.

Rosie Hippo, now I have to admit, some of this stuff I like. Just not sure if I can afford it for my boyo. Like this dump truck, have to admit, I like the look of it. Looks like it would stand up well. But $100? I can't afford that...I'll take the metal tonka trunk for $30...even if the paint wears off I can always repaint it! And I really like the mini rolling fleet...and all it compatriots. Looks like good quality stuff and maybe I'll find some second hand somewhere...wouldn't that be nice?

Then there's magic cabin. These dado cubes just intrigue me. Don't know if they'd intrigue the boy child...but I loved lego as a child, and these just interest me. And for a boy child who loves trucks and machines....these construction trucks would be right up his alley.

Hearth Song looks like a nice place to shop as well. Since Justin currently is fascinated by stars...he's just learned about them, this toy captured my attention. Tippy the train I'm sure would fascinate my boy child in no time flat!

I liked this sock game at chinaberry. But that's a game I'm sure I could manufacture I like the idea but wouldn't purchase it as I'd want to try my own hand at it. I also liked the classic tree block set, but then I think...hmm... my brother John could probably make this for me at a fraction of the cost as he has a wood turner thing that I can't think of the proper name for. Good place for me to stimulate my creative skills.

Now this heavy Hauler at that stimulated my hmmm....can I afford that bug. :) Just loved the wooden vehicle AND it came with blocks that won't slide out! how cool is that for a wee boy child?!??! :) Their wooden train stimulated the same reflex. Good thing teh boy has a present purchased already isn't it? He'd be the spoiledest boy this side of London! :)

Anyways, just thought I'd ponder toys for a bit while the boy child is napping. He's not eating yet from being so ill yesterday, I'm feeling really rather ick myself...just overly, overly tired at this point....but things are looking up! :) gotta get going though...have bunnies and mice to put to bed. Talk another time.

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