Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas to all

Jim's mom got me this....see I have a village set up. I just love my village, setting it up at Christmas, and just enjoying it. yes, I'm strange. :) This year I saw this piece that had a train running through it. I mentioned it to Jim and said..NOT to buy it for Christmas as it was just too expensive for a gift, but that it was just too cool. I showed it to him, he agreed that it was really cool, and that yes, it was a bit pricey. :)

Either I, or Jim, mentioned it to Eva.
She bought it for me.


Took a while to get the train running but it's really neat. :)
We'll need to teach the boy to keep his fingers off of it.
I NEED a bigger table to put everything on. Okay, okay.... I desire (not really need) to have a bigger table to put my village on. Would make it easier to set everything up nicely.

Jim also got me some new village pieces. A lampstand, boy the light is bright, really nice. and the HORSE DRAWN CARRIAGE!!!!!!!! Rather cool that! :) I have a horse in my village! :) Plus this really cool clock tower.

Ah...but I am loved. :) And my village is growing. :)

The boy child received a new thomas the train takealong centre. How cool is that! He'll be ever so happy playing hours with that. plus a new James, and a new neville and spencer too. Guess who he insisted on taking to bed with him?

Jim...new tool belt, laptop computer cooling thingey, drill bits, sander thing, and something else.

Eva...new tool belt, saw blade, and sundries.

Life was so much fun. We spent good time with each other despite having a busy and sometimes stressful day. Good to celebrate Christmas as a family.

To remember our Lord coming, dying and through mercy, by fully glorifying God, saving us from ourselves....from the sin which so badly infects us all.

Ah...now THAT! is Christmas. :)

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