Monday, December 24, 2007

The Day of Christmas Eve

It's Christmas Eve day.... oh my....that always seems so silly to write. It's the day before Christmas. Tonight is Christmas Eve.

As I write, Jim is downstairs in the kitchen preparing our family meal. He volunteered to make dinner for tonight. He's doing a whole whack of new dishes. Should be interesting to see how it all turns out.

His mom will be coming down after work. We'll have a nice dinner and then open presents around our Christmas tree and just have some fun together as a family. Justin will do "Mary's fire" for the last time this season. Mary's fire is when we do our nativity scene. Every night before bed he gets to put up another piece and we light candles. Since the second time we did this he calls it doing Mary's fire.

Tomorrow we have church in the morning and then we'll go up to my parents to celebrate Christmas there. We'll have a nice dinner, I'm making a meal that I've never made before that Jim suggested to me. There will also be a gift exchange....that will seem a bit odd to me as Christmas Day and gift giving has always been VERY separate events to me. But getting together with family will be really nice. :)

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