Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Heart-stopping, yet teachable

Granted, perhaps heart-stopping is pushing it a little. :) But it's my blog and if I want to push labels a bit I can...I'm not lying if I admit to it am I? :)

But after two days of searching for this ever so cute Christmas book and not being able to find it, I had visions of having the shell-out hard-earned cash for a book loaned (and then promptly lost) from the local library.

THEN my boyo, ever helpful child that he is, decided to crawl behind the couch. HELP, HELP is the call to get him out again. As I bent over the couch to get him out...what do I see?!?!?!?! This book! Ah, my heart and mind instantly ease.

I'm reminded that I am to trust God, even in these little things.

We read, we have fun looking at the well-done illustrations and reading the simple lines.
It's a good Christmas book. Little ones will enjoy it. Big ones too! :)

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