Sunday, December 02, 2007

Advent has Started

I know that some folks don't "do" advent. I was raised with it as something we did in church. My parents tried hard to keep Christmas gift giving as separate as possible from Christmas itself. They also believed in focusing throughout the month of December on the wonder of God's biggest gift to us...His son born to die for OUR sins, for MY sins.

They tried hard, they didn't totally succeed as gift giving is one of my joys of the holiday season. One thing that we did do when we got married was for Jim to switch from Christmas morning gift-giving to Christmas evening gift giving (as in the night before Christmas). It was odd for him, but I think he finds it nice now. Christmas day is left for Christmas day Services and quiet family time.

Jim struggles with Advent. He sees it as unnecessary, as Extra-biblical and not something that Christians should have to do. I can see his point...I don't HAVE to celebrate the advent season, but I do like focusing a bit more on the wonder of what God has done for us. YES, I can do that throughout the year, but I don't know...maybe it's just the way I was raised...I really like doing it specially this time of year. And Jim has no problem with me doing in he hasn't said I mustn't. :)

Anyways, last year I discovered this book: And my first thought was.... HA! Something I can use with Justin! :) This book comes with cutouts that stand. They are built to be reused (in so far as they may or may not stand up to a toddler's fascination). Simple little stories that tell the story of Jesus' birth.

Technically we should have started yesterday, but we started today...rather on purpose because this way we can do the "Jesus" figure on Christmas day. He was very fascinated tonight when we lit a candle and then read through the reading. It was just a rather nice time for us. Anyways, we'll do it every night before bed. He'll get lots of practice blowing out candles and hopefully learn more about Jesus and God's love extended to us.

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