Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Yes, I actually got a diagnosis.

My back problem is real! Not in my head. A doctor actually found a real reason for the pain that I have experienced for a great deal of this summer.

Seems that my lower back L2-L5 and so surrounding areas, have moderate to severe bulging of the discs between the vertebra. The vertebra themselves are fine and alignment is good. But the discs bulge out. that's puts pressure on my spinal cord, which causes my hips to be sore and to be generally sore all through that lower region. Spinal cords don't like pressure being put on them.

the doc said my back is like that of 70-80 year old woman.

Surgery is an option, but not one that she recommends at my age (42). Leads to more surgery and more surgery to remove scar tissue. And gee....hmm...what's the point of that? So we need to hold off the surgery option for as long as possible.

With that said, what can I do?
1. Get better physio exercises for good back care
2. Lose the weight that I put on since Justin was conceived. :)
3. Get my foot in better shape so that doesn't make the problem worse

And that's about it.
My back will continue to be a problem.
All I can do is manage it and cope.
And try VERY hard to avoid the surgery aspect of things.

Since I now know that "it's officially not all in my head", it's somehow better. :)
I'll take my pain meds (tyelnol or advil) to help me sleep because they'll be helping with something real, and more sleep keeps me less grumpy and better able to cope with the overall pain of life - that being mostly my back)


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