Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Rechabites, an example

Jeremiah, a prophet, living in troubled times. Foreign nations attack the people of God. The people of God are not acting like the people of God. So what does God do? He gives them a tangible, right among them example of obedience. From Jeremiah 35 we learn about the Rechabites. I have to admit, though I've read through the bible more than once, I missed this section.

Who are the Rechabites? According to Wikepedia they are:
Rechabites - the descendants of Rechab through Jonadab or Jehonadab. They belonged to the Kenites, who accompanied the children of Israel into Palestine, and dwelt among them. Moses married a Kenite wife (Judg. 1:16), and Jael was the wife of "Heber the Kenite" (4:17). Saul also showed kindness to the Kenites (1 Sam. 15:6). The main body of the Kenites dwelt in cities, and adopted settled habits of life (30:29); but Jehonadab forbade his descendants to drink wine or to live in cities. They were commanded to lead always a nomad life. They adhered to the law laid down by Jonadab, and were noted for their fidelity to the old-established custom of their family in the days of Jeremiah (35); and this feature of their character is referred to by the prophet for the purpose of giving point to his own exhortation.
They obeyed. They were a people surrounded by cities, farms, wine drinkers etc. And this group within a group held to the ways that their father had set before them. They didn't get hung up on a mindset of "but everyone else is doing it". They simply obeyed.

This is what God wants his people to see. That simple straight-forward obedience.

It is what I need to see as well.

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