Wednesday, August 29, 2007

My Health - Plantar Fasciitis

Okay, so I've been diagnosed with Plantar Fasciitis.

I have to wear something on my feet ALL the time. This shall kill me. :) I HATE wearing stuff on my feet. Absolutely detest it. My feet get hot, they get itchy, it's a bother, i get more clumsy and so forth. ARGH!!!!!! I don't wanna! (yes, it's my blog I am allowed to occasionally whine).

I get to do exercises. I even found a couple of pages on line that describes some of them. It's here and here.

I have to make an appointment to get a CT scan of my lower back as my back problem has been nasty for the last three months. I need to go in for an x-ray of the same as well. Neither has been booked yet.

I've been told to take a tylenol or something for pain every night as well, as being able to rest really well will help. ARGH... don't like that either. I'll give it some thought tonight about what I want to take. Forgot to take something last night, but I slept fair well so not to concerned about it.

Oh... there is one good thing about this all. Jim has had this too so HE has given me decent advice about it all which is way cool. :)

Ah well..... one must indeed trust the medical professionals as much as possible right? I still feel very ARGH inside about it all.


Kim said...

I have plantar fasciitis, too. I found that doing calf stretches regularly helpes, as well as standing on a stair, putting your foot on about half way and stretching your arch by lowering your heel.

I also wear shoes all the time. Everyone is different. I find Birkenstocks are very good for me, but others don't feel that way. Mephisto has good shoes, but I can't wear them.

I was diagnosed last winter, and I wore shoes all the time, even first thing in the morning, but as time has gone on, and things improve, I can go for short stretches without them. Now, yesterday, I didn't wear my shoes enough and my foot is a bit sore.

It's definitely something you can live with.

Annette said...

hey! I forgot I had a pair of birks... my feet don't get hot in them! There... one ARGH down. :) Thanks for the reminder. :) The exercises I'm working on (just add them to my back exercises). Good to stretch out the fasciia before I got up this morning (hubbie gave me the idea to use a towel and stretch before getting up) made a huge difference for walking the dogs.