Sunday, May 15, 2011

Birthday party and more :)

Yesterday the lad went to his first ever birthday Party. I took lots of pictures but I don't post pics on-line of other children because it's makes some mom's nervous. But I did take a couple of the lad. :)

After the party we went to Costco to see if we could find something for Jim's knee which is bunged up right now. (No)

then off to home health if they had crutch covers, (no) so off to Wal-mart to see what they had (ice packs meant for knees) YES! The lad had fun riding around on a bicycle. He knows which one he likes... but the one we like is just a bit bigger and will last longer... so we're thinking about it. :)

Then off to The toy Store which is having a 50% off sale since they've been bought out. We got some stuff. The lad had to do some math and problem-solving so we wouldn't take home too much as I can't afford it. :)

Then home, Gramma came to pick up the lad since we're off to Chatham today. So that's a brief update for you all. :)

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