Sunday, January 16, 2011

Snow shoeing and skiing

This afternoon we headed out to the field behind the church. I wanted... no....I NEEDED to get out of the house.. so I decided to test out my new snowshoes.

I like 'em. :)

Jim broke trail for Justin, and I kept Justin company by snowshoeing beside him. MUCH easier to help a boy get up again if you aren't on skis yourself. :)

Justin skied way better this week than last week. I was quite impressed. he actually skied really well without using the poles. I carried those. It gave him less to have to think about I think.

The pics are from last week skiing. I didn't want to bring my camera in case I tripped over two much bigger feet. :)

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Rileysowner said...

No poles is a much better way to learn how to ski.