Sunday, January 23, 2011

News from our family

Yesterday we packed up Justin and our lunches and went to the Western Fairgrounds. We went to the Health and Fitness show. Last year this show was interesting, this year...BORING. Full of garbagy health stuff...Jim calls them "snake oil salesmen". Hardly any fitness centres, and only two of the centres there, possibly three seemed fully legit and grounded. I won't attend a flaky type women's gym if you paid me...well..okay perhaps if you paid me and it didn't cost me anything and I wasn't to be influenced by "garbage"... then maybe.

I also sold a bunny and an old cage I had kicking around here.

We lunched at the Western Fair farmers market and had a good look around. They sell some interesting things there. Stopped at Costco as the lad had to use the facilities (after drinking three juice boxes I think I would have needed to as well!). Did a bit of shopping and abit of nibbling there as well. Then over to the wrong mall to see about dropping my kitchen shears off to be sharpened...but as I said..WRONG mall so we'll do that Monday.

Found out Saturday that a dear saint of the Lord passed away after a LONG battle with Leukemia. God used his leukemia for good in the life of this man, yet his loss to us is a sad thing (yet good because he has no more pain). His funeral will be on Tuesday. He is not from our church but has preached there often. Henk DenHollander's obituary can be found here. Prayer for the family would be appreciated.

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