Monday, September 13, 2010

Sept 13, 2010

Today we took J to Gymnastics for the first time. It was a bit of a rush to get out of the house on time (sleeping in doesn't help). Took some mice along with me. There is a guy in London who will take my mice whenever I have some so that makes it nice. :) Anyways, the lad had fun at Gymnastics despite being very uncertain about the whole deal. He said he'd like to go again. :)

Afterwards we went took the lad for lunch as he was apparently starving. :) And then off to gramma's. After gramma's Jim and I went to Costco where I had a hotdog and we did a spot of shopping. Off to the western fair afterwards. We had fun.

- watched versatility in western riding. That was fun...especially when the calf got away from the cowboys.
- the raptor show put on by the canadian raptor conservatory. We had a great horned owl fly just 2 inches from our heads. :)
- Double Vision. a magician act done by twins. it was a bit goofy oddball...but had some excellent magic as well.
- Horse racing. :) Ah, I love watching the ponies run AND I haven't lost my touch at picking the winners.
- and then we browsed. Really enjoyed watching the potter at work. I hope to do that with the lad sometime.

Then home, put lad to bed, check on bunnies (totally freaked them out - silly things) and do some computer stuff. A good day.

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