Friday, August 13, 2010

Today's Satisfaction

Many of you know that I have a part-time job on Fridays. I work at Subway. I normally work 11-2:30 but that's changed recently. My hours are a bit more varied on Fridays and I'm never sure how late I'll work and sometimes I"m let go at 2 (which I would rather not have).

ANYWAYS, That tends to make Friday mornings busy at home with me just doing this that and the other thing before I go to work, but today Justin REALLY wanted to play with me, and said you know what buddy? why don't we do some school. And... so we did some school. he did some counting and he did some mazes that we found on-line. And we even left the browser window open so Daddy could find a maze to do as well. It was a good time together.

Then I had to leave for work and... today was a fun day at work. I teased the girls, they teased me and it was all good fun. We chatted, we worked and life was good. Worked until 4. We're training new staff now since many of the students have left to go to College/university. Always and interesting time doing that.

After work I did a mystery shop and then had to do the report when I got home. Watched a bit of a movie with the lad and dad. and then we sliced beans. I had picked up six quarts of broad beans at the Farmer's Market on Thursday evening and do them up tonight. All three of us took turns slicing them. Did them in the living room as that was the only place the slicer would work. jim and Justin had supper followed by Justin and I picking grass for the bunnies (and having a friendly chat with our neighbour). Had snack, and then a boy went to bed. After he went to bed I processed up the beans and.. I SHOULD be in bed by midnight!

Tomorrow we have a church picnic to attend. Jim made a cucumber salad. I'll need to figure something out for a dessert... maybe some two bite banana brownies. Justin likes those.... (as well as his parents) (grin).

anywho.... see you all another time. :)

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