Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Our Books for the past three weeks.

Well, he liked this book he did. We didn't read it over and over like some books. But when we read it, he listened close and asked lots of questions. I like books that cause him to ask good questions.

This book was cute. it was very much a favourite. I see the cover and I just laugh knowing where he's going to end up. :)

This was a nice book for a cat crazy lad. TONS of different cats in it. Questions were asked and answered. Overall a good book.

The boy has this book memorized which goes to show how much he has asked for this book to be read. A very simple book. Very nice bed-time story. If you read it slowly and softly, it helps a boy slow down as well.

Did you know there are way more verses to this nursery rhyme than one might think?
Also fully memorized by a boy child. LOVES this book. Makes him laugh. Imagine it, a book about a dog that a boy child just loves. :)

another Book almost completely memorized by a boy child. LOTS of questions raised by this book, some of them very good questions too.

The cover from the library is blue not red, but Justin likes this book. Some artistic differences arose between the story and what the boy child thought proper for pictures. Led to conversations about pressure differentials in ear drums, and the importance of good strong bridges.

oh my, what a lovely lovely book. This book made me smile, made the boy child ask questions, led to conversations about prey animals and hunters, and how its nice to helpful to other people. Good book, recommend anyone read this book.

Do NOT recommend this book. Justin said "this book is stupid."

I may have put this book up before.
Justin LIKES this book. We learned about how sometimes people who love other people don't like their pets and that can mean hard things for those pets. Suggested read to other families as well.

Good book. Question raiser. Helpful at a time when a boy lost his bunny and sometimes you just can't make bunnies better. But this cat managed to do okay. :)

I didn't like this book, but Justin seemed to. I didn't like it because at four years old I didn't want Justin introduced to the concept of ghosts and people believing in them. But this book did leave it fairly open.

From worry to laughter. This book made a lad think! :)


both of these hopper books were favourites over these past six weeks. :) Both inspired questions, both contained some artistic differences between a four year old and the illustrator. :)

He liked a book that wasn't about a cat or a rabbit!!!!! This quirky horse made a boy smile around a bed-time thumb. I liked seeing that smile. :) It got a bit wordy at times for him so I shortened it down a bit. Good book. Recommend it.

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