Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Update on my Jim

He's had a TIA (not sure what that stands for, can anyone fill me in?)
anyways, jim says that means he had a micro stroke.
it's a warning to manage his blood pressure.

Doctors continue to fight his very high blood pressure. the second number in blood pressure hovers at the 135 mark (NOT good).

they are doing tests to see what is causing the blood pressure.
They aren't having a lot of success in the battle thus far. They can bring it down for a couple hours and then it goes up again. So it's a worry.

Me: I'm alive. :) Health still has it's battles. But my focus is Jim and Justin right now.

Justin: seems to be over his health battles, now to manage his stress levels. he's a worried little boy and needs to just play and have fun and not worry about daddy.

Gramma: worried for her "little boy" (that being Jim) and being a support with Justin and myself. She's staying 'in house' for a bit.

I covet prayers for my son, my hubby and the doctors.

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Kim said...

Annette, absolutely still praying!