Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Today's accomplishments

I have some things put into the old tent for the winter.

  • two bikes
  • two lawn mowers
  • one camping mat
  • one old cooler
  • one big tarp.
  • And all the wood that's been scattered about.
Sorted through the wood that's been scattered about and some of it's going in the "to be burned" pile.

Cut up some plywood for resting boards for the bunnies.

Made soup.

Updated rabbit blog.

for the rest of the day I hope to....
- organize the garage
- dispose of three rabbits
- rearrange the rabbits
- hopefully see New New Easter kindle
- make stew with the roast beef (need to figure out how to do a gravy to go on it though)
- do night time routines with the bunnies
- have a bath
and tonight...scrapbook.

shall we see how long my energy lasts? :)

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