Saturday, August 15, 2009

That was a job!

I moved the rhubarb bushes yesterday. They were where we're going to put the new rabbit shelter. (thanks Jim for catching that typo)

Boy...was that a job. the first set was easy enough, but THEY weren't well established and old.

The second made my whole body ache by the time I was done digging them out. I don't think I'll be sledge hammering today! (rueful smile)

The roots were HUGE (as in 4 inches round and long and going UNDER the shed). Did the best I could with that one!

Another in the same set was a good two feet round...ended up dividing that into three sections simply so I could move it. Didn't get all the root from that go round, so hopefully they will survive. I moved them to the end of the privacy hedge. now to remember to water them for the next two-three weeks. :) At least with the move I was able to well fertilize them with rabbit compost! :)

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