Friday, June 26, 2009

I appreciate Milo

That might be a funny way to label a blog post.

But we are quite blessed with this kitten as Justin's Cat.

I've been around LOTS of kittens, some you like, some you tolerate. Milo I like.

One of the biggest reasons I like Milo is that he differentiates between me and Justin. Milo, as all kittens LOVES to play fight. He'll be all rough and tumble with me, and then Justin comes along and Milo just stops. He doesn't rough house wildly with Justin.

Justin and Milo play running/chasing games in the house. :)

Milo LISTENS to Justin..he does. it's funny. One doesn't expect a cat to listen, but Justin growls (as only a preschooler can) or says NO to Milo and Milo just stops whatever it is that is upsetting Justin. Makes me wish I had that ability with him (the cat)! :)

This difference was strongly pointed out to me this past weekend (as in last Saturday) when Justin and I stopped into to see a neighbour who has a kitten the same age as our Milo. Weezer is NOT a easy kitten. He is rough and tumble all the time. He's built like a tough kitten.....not like a lanky, lean kitten that our Milo is. Justin had to learn with Weezer....let him run, don't pick him up or he'll want to bite.

Milo...well...what can I say...that kitten gets carried hither and yon. :) He gets locked up, boxed up, bagged up, covered up, tangled up....and he just keeps on purring for our boy child. and if he ever accidently gets hurt he has a high pitched "meow" that illicits an immediate "i'm sorry Milo" from our son.

I am thankful to God for such a nice kitten for our boy child.

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