Saturday, January 17, 2009

What we've been listening to...

We've been listening to this feller lately. Ted Tripp on parenting.

Thought provoking.


Discussion provoking.

Complete with "stop arguing!" emanating from the back seat of the van. "Justin....we're not arguing...we're discussing things". Followed up by "stop discussing stuff" being very vocally expressed from the same place. And then came the command...."Just listening to the radio! Just listening!"

Made me and Jim laugh. :) So we shut up and just listened. :)

Oh...and here's another place to go for more from Ted Tripp.


Anonymous said...

What happens if your little boy is one of the people who are predisposed to develop a spanking fetish?

Will you still promote Tripp's book when you find out you have harmed your child's sexuality for life by following Tripp's advice to spank?

What do you say to those who have been damaged permanently from this practice? Do you care about the harm this has caused them?

Annette said...

well...gee um .... m. anonymous...
not sure just how to respond to a hit and run responder who posts anonymously. Stand up for yourself.

as to my son developing a spanking fetish? may be remotely likely, but not very. In our household we tend to use time outs and other such appropriate discipline before we use spanking. Spanking is a response to deliberate defiance. not toddler distraction or lack of knowledge or other such...but a deliberate act of defiance. AND it is taught as a response to deliberate defiance.

How one would develop a spanking fetish in response to that I don't quite get. AND if by some remote chance that did occur that I would expect that (if he becomes a believer) that he would handle that sinful aspect of his life like he would any other sinfilled aspect of his life. With God's help and by God's grace.