Sunday, December 07, 2008

A different book meme

Kim thought to tag me in this meme. I am happy to take part in it.

Take ten books, and transcribe the fifth sentence from page fifty six.

In keeping with the 5, 56 thing, Make sure that at least five books are fiction, provide five hints, and pass the meme on to six other bloggers.

Ten books, with the fifth lines found on page 56:

Five fiction books:
  1. "Wolves were interesting, and made terribly good allies and worse enemies, but they were not terribly complex"
  2. "Clisser wondered, though, as he and Bethany made their sedate way to the stage, if Jemmy might not breach the wall of her virginity".
  3. "He smelled the frying ham and bacon of breakfast cooking downstairs, and his stomach rumbled again, insistently."
  4. "Rude and brave was a wonderful combination."
  5. "The crew members were met at the other end by technicians who helped them through and gave them sneakers with stiff Velcro "hooks" on the soles."
Hints, who...boy...that won't be easy.
  1. This author loves the very animals she writes the most about. Particularly in the series that this book is from.
  2. A prolific fantasy/sci fi author. Dragons and people and more. :)
  3. This author considers her job to be that of a storyteller.
    "I'm a storyteller; that's what I see as `my job.' My stories come out of my characters; how those characters would react to the given situation.
  4. Christian fiction author. He writes books for adults as well as children.
  5. Military adventures abound! Has some 20 books to his credit. Can't say I like them all, but I do, for some reason, like his writing style. :)
Non-Fiction books: These are straight off my book pile of reading/to be read.
  1. "Actually, it outlasted the first shed it was in, which was metal."
  2. "Under his leadership the institution had grown from twelve students to almost five hundred full-time students, from diplomas to fully accredited bachelor's and master's degrees, from being housed at a downtown church to having its own spacious campus."
  3. "One thing is certain: the idea of someone thinking he can't cut it is humiliating - a feeling every man wants to avoid at all costs."
  4. "What if he is not glorifying the Lord?"
  5. ah...this one doesn't have a full page 56.... So we'll go back a page :) yes. I can... it's just a meme. :) So here from page 55 the fifth line "Fifth, God changed my life without changing anything about my circumstances." I to do hints with these as well?
  1. Highly recommended book for people doing my side-business.
  2. Devotions for something that I am. :)
  3. I picked up this book at the women's conference I went to.
  4. Someone recently posted a series of blogposts on this book.
  5. A book with a selection of true life stories, published in 1993.
Anyways, if you take a shot at guessing...go for it. :)

oh....who to tag.

1. my hubby
2. Jen (only if you have time dear)
3. Holly
4. they've all been tagged already! :)
If you join in...let me know. :)


Kim said...

Thanks for playing, Annette!

Ransom said...

While I probably couldn't name the specific book to save my life, I'll hazard a guess that Fiction #5 is by Jerry Pournelle? (Or perhaps David Drake.)

Annette said...

Dale Brown. :) Thanks for playing though. :)

Annette said...

the books were:
Jane Lindskold: wolf hunting
anne mccaffrey - dragonseye
mercedes lackey - brightly burning

Dale brown - silver tower

bob - bennett - Storey's guide to raising rabbits.
barbara hughes - devotions for ministry wives
shaunti feldhahn - for women only
V Z bright - the greatest lesson
martha pearce - the excellent wife

Annette said...

oh...double helix by sigmund brouwer is the missing book.

jen elslager said...

Oh, why am I always late? I'll try to get this one over the holiday. :)