Tuesday, November 25, 2008

22 words Contest

22 words is having a contest about why people appreciate their pastors. the winners get two tickets for their pastor to the desiring God pastor's conference, feb 2-4, 2009.

So...why do I appreciate my pastor?

1. faithful to God's word
2. expounds upon it as true to God's word as he knows/learns how
3. doesn't think he knows it all
4. doesn't try to run things like a one man show
5. works with the people that God has placed under his care
6. is patient
7. is open to change as long as it is biblically called for
8. he preaches well and in a clear manner that for the most part makes it easy to follow
9. if you have a biblical question, he tries to answer it OR to refer you to source if he doesn't know the answer
10. I'm married to him, which means I see up close his struggles, his questions, his love for God, for the people under his care, he's a preacher through and through. :)

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