Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Whining, the dentist, whining, gardening, Long nap

Justin wet the bed during this unexpectedly LONG afternoon on Tuesday. So Tuesday night (since Tuesday evening was so busy) he slept with me. He woke up at 4 a.m. but we dozed off and on until 7 a.m. Then up to walk Sassy, followed by whining about this that and the other thing (him NOT me).

RUSHED to go to the whining at Jim that I had no time to shower and being a bit grumpy about it all. Got to the dentist 10 minutes late...and then sat for 10 minutes until they could see us. Justin was GOOD at the dentist. So we went thrift shopping. Justin got one more pair of pants and three shirts AND a train. That boy just LOVES trains. :)

Home again.
Where life again proved challenging to Justin and myself. Justin forgetting to talk properly instead of whining his way through the world of communication. Sometimes it's a challenge.

But things picked up again later. Jim came home with two young guinea pigs. One healthy, and one sick...rather badly sick. That one died later in the day. BUT the distraction of BINNIE!!!! arriving was enough to turn things around for Justin. We rearranged a few thing in his bedroom and then played in the house for a bit. Justin was encouraged to nap but that proved a challenge for him (BUT IT'S LIGHT OUT MOM!!!!) So he played and helped me work outside, and then at 430 ish, after munching on tomatoes and ground cherries, he disappeared into the house, and since he'd been acting hungry I followed him and got him to eat a bit of supper. Left him and then checked on him at 5 and he was snoozing on the couch.

Ah...silence! :)

He slept until 8.
yes, I know...did I set myself up for a late night? NOPE! Told the lad when I go to is he. That will be eleven so I'm not too worried. and he does play quietly in his room if he's awake. (at least I hope he follows that same routine tonight).

BUT today I got
1. 5 rabbits medicated.
2. one garden emptied and turned over
3. one section of the composter repaired AND all the not-all-composted stuff scooped into that section.
4. listed my compost on kijiji to see if I can sell any of it (have two half sections that can go).
5. Justin's room organized a bit better again WITH a train track set up in the room too. :)
6. Supper made for hubby (yes, it was a cheater supper but hey...I turned on the oven!) :) I ate some leftovers as that was quick and easy.
7. ALL the laundry done...took me three days but it's done for this week! extra bed sheet loads and everything. YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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It was very good. Annette told me to type that in.