Saturday, July 26, 2008

Man Brag

Have to admit it.
I love it when my man fixes stuff on our cars.
I don't know if he knows how thrilled I am, or proud of him that he can do this stuff.

My car...a Mazda Protege. I like Mazda.....Jim doesn't. Part of that is because the Mazda dealership in London isn't a good dealership. It gave us a bit of a run-around and ended up costing us a fair bit of change. I even ended up being rudely propositioned by the car boy. VERY irritating. Doesn't give a good impression of Mazda.

Anyways, um..... there's a sensor in the car that is a bit oversensitive. Goes off when the gas tank lid is on too tight or too loose. Jim did some research, learned that replacing the sensor that controls that often fixes the problem. It took a bit for him to fix it BUT HE DID IT! Big sense of accomplishment. AND no irritating lights on in the dashboard anymore (that's a yeah for me).

He also has been learning how to weld. His welding is a bit spotty yet, but it's good enough that he was also able to fix the muffler on that self same car. :) next....the brake lines......... (now THAT will be a big job).

he's looking at doing a front end kit on the van (ask him what that is) and putting in some air shocks (I think) on the van.

My sedate pastor Hubby is repairing cars...saving us cash ... learning new skills. He rocks! :)

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