Monday, June 16, 2008

The Beach

Took the boy to the beach (the Pinery).
Had a quick lunch first, filled with comments about keeping his food safe from the hunting ants. (ants hunt for food aka...hunting ants).

Boy....did he have fun. Sand, water, toys, other children. What more could an almost three year old ask for?

After an small argument about the need for ear plugs and head band, he went swimming. Mostly just walking around in the water but some 'swimming' as well.

He fell in... it was alarming...but mommy rescued him. :)

My fake crocs became boats. :)

Comments from the boy:
  • Is cold!
  • Do it one more time! (make a big circle walking in the water)
  • I swimming.
Left early because of rain and lightening.

Justin, should we go to the beach again?
Yes! Want go now? :)

The only thing he didn't like was the sand that sticks to your feet when you're all wet from swimming. Hard to get off and just a bit "ick" feeling. He'll adjust. :)

So if you are in my neck of the woods and want to go the beach....just stop on by and we'll happily go to the beach (we have a pass so just ride with us). :)

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