Thursday, May 08, 2008

Justin with Mayin's babies

My buggy is starting to feel somewhat better from his bad cold, though he still naps because of it. He took a late nap (6-8) and then was full of beans for the rest of the evening. This is how we helped alleviate some of his beaniness. :)
can you spot them?

See the mommy cat? :) (for the uninformed, Justin is the mommy cat).

watch a horsey show! He has them all lined up facing my writing desk. :)

Here he's changing the channel to the horse station.
This was just before he thought he put them UP in the desk to watch TV closely and discovered that bunnies hop away into corners when given the opportunity.
Late night cries of frustration were not so good to have so, they soon went back on the coffee table to watch TV again.

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Rileysowner said...

That's our boy.