Friday, April 11, 2008

Prayer Request - update dad and uncle dick

My Uncle Dick has passed away. Tante Willy is tired and mourning. Please keep the family in your prayers. One boy (married) three girls (two married, one single), trying to think how many grandkids....10 or 11 I think. Dick was a man with a heart to help people in physical ways. Liked to do mission trips. Worked the church camp for years as a volunteer. As far as I knew he was a man who loved God, he certainly helped raise his children to do so. :) Visitation is today in their town, funeral is at their church on Saturday.

My Dad. He apparently does not need plastic surgery. The surgeon said that the emergency department did such a good job on him that they just want to let it heal up as it is. They want him to come back on Monday for x-rays to see how the bones are doing. Mom says he has no additional pain. It is a bit hard for him though, he's not allowed to put any pressure on it....and this is the hand he uses for his cane. Makes getting around difficult. Please pray for dad to find ways to get rid of excess energy in a safe manner. That he learns to walk safely using his wrong hand for his cane and that while his hand heals that his bad leg stabilizes a bit more. (not sure how to word all that, but argh!!!!!!!! To not be able to get around well because your hand is sore and your bum leg needs more support. to me that would just be ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

As Dad says.....his hand trumps my hand right now. :) My hand incidentally is healing well. Remains a bit sensitive to heat, doesn't like pressure applied to it. I have to use my winter gloves to do many things, but I have good winter gloves that help me do many things, so who cares if my hand gets hot and itchy! :) I can still do stuff (as long as I'm smart about it). :) Praise to God that it is going so well.

Just folks....if you read this blog...pray for my dad, pray for uncle Dick's family.


Holly said...

Oh goodness, your family has gone through so much lately!!!!!

Your poor Dad, and much she must have panicked.

I'm sorry about your Uncle, as well...I'm glad you have the comfort to know that he lived well and loved God.

Good to hear that your hand is healing some.

Annette said...

Yes Holly, life has indeed been interesting within the family circles lately. It was a good funeral today. People knew that it was good that Uncle Dick passed away, he is in a much better place now. Still hard for family, but good.

jen elslager said...

I saw this in bloglines a couple days ago, but couldn't get over here till now... but I've been praying for you and your family, sis. I'm so sorry about your uncle, but grateful that your family knew where he stood spiritually. He's in no pain and in the glorious presence of his Lord!

And it's good to hear about your dad. Will keep him in prayer...

Also glad your hand is still healing well. You have had a lot going on lately, haven't you?