Saturday, April 26, 2008

Prayer for Neighbours

Found out on Thursday about two prayer needs for neighbours.

1. possibility of skin cancer. had a mole that kept growing despite removal.

2. another who just had a MRI done (at least I think it was that and not a CAT scan). On her head and neck because she's been having knock you off your feet headaches for about a month now, with no real cause as to WHY she should be having them.

Both are sisters.
Neither go to church or see the need to do so.

I figure prayer and continued interest is a way for me to reach out and touch them for God.

As to my dad:
  • His thumb and fourth finger are healing well. Just a bit of oozing from the fourth finger. But mostly they are fine. So that is a praise! :) yeah! Hopefully soon those bandages will be off for good and that will give Dad a bit more mobility there.
  • The second and third finger will take some time to heal, they were badly mangled and basically have to regrow all the skin on them.
  • My mom is able now to change the dressings which reduces their time on the road going to the doctor for that. Mom is happy with less time on the road right now. She is TIRED. My heart just aches for her because I can't help her with this. Some of the care that dad needs right now I can't help him with since I'm his daughter. All I can do is call and pray and let her know I care.

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