Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Things I don't want to forget Justin saying

Justin's latest "look net"...followed by me saying "look mommy" followed by "mommy look net!" :) This boy is NOT supposed to start calling me 'net. :) I'm MOM (yelled) or Mommy (spoken). Perhaps maybe he is mimicking his father????
Jim mentioned just as we were going to bed last night that Justin was walking through the house today saying 'Net? Where 'Net? He didn't realize until he read my blog that Justin was looking for me. :) Very silly lad. Hope he stops calling me 'Net soon.

A while back Justin yelled, in response to me asking him what he wanted: "want chocolate milk from Zehrs". We burst out laughing. We had just introduced the boy to chocolate was an instant hit. But we had only bought it once from Zehrs as there are none close to us. We still laugh when we remember that yell.

There are others but my tired boy needs me I"m off to help him out. :)

Another one: Justin, for the last week or so, seems to be figuring out family relation stuff. Everything he plays with is Mommy this, or Daddy that, and Baby this. He has 5 thomas the trains... New mommy thomas, an other Mommy thomas, Happy daddy thomas, happy baby thomas, and Mad thomas (this one changes from mommy, to daddy, to baby). Even his beloved Tagu becomes a mommy tagu sometimes... and when he introduces them or has them say hi you have to call them "mommy or daddy or baby" or he just isn't satisfied.

Children..... they serve a useful purpose in keeping a person smiling. :)

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