Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Memories of Riley

So yesterday was a hard day.

We had old dog Riley put to rest.

He was a good dog. A mix between Shepherd-husky. Had some of the qualities of each, the shepherd's biddableness, and the husky independance and willingness to keep going. Riley wanted to please, and he very often did just that.

He did have his quirks.
He did not forgive. I was "the purveyor of all things evil". I gave him baths, groomed him, clipped his nails, enforced the rules.....all things evil. he often ran when I came out the door to the backyard...UNLESS I was bearing food -- and then well... I wasn't! (LOL). I was also the dog walker, feeder, petter and so forth. but mostly in Riley's eyes I was the purveyor of all things evil. Jim's mom was the purveyor of all things good, this is where he started out his safe life among people, and that is where his allegiance firmly lay. Jim was good to be "woofed at" for pettings. :)

He was a sensitive dog, the first to notice if someone was upset in the house, and if they were he'd plant his butt up against them and woof. Remarkable how petting a dog can calm a person's spirits. :)

He LOVED the snow. Jim has memories of Riley tromping through heavy snow chasing snow balls. The cold was harder on him as he got older, but the snow still made him smile.

I will probably never forget the day I decided Riley would ever always be walked on leash. Walking through a corn field. He decided to take off. I looked for that dog. Scared the socks off me, as he was getting forgetful of traffic. Finally went home, got Jim, we found him lying in the corn field with nary a care in the world.

For my husband's memories of Riley go here. He has the most recent pics of Riley posted there as well. It's a hard time, with good memories. Good bye Riley dog. :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Annette and Jim,

Very difficult thing to do. I know how attached you can become. It was great that you had him for such a long time and that he was good tempered, pleasant dog.

Love, Judy

Kim from Hiraeth said...

Oh, Annette. I have tears in my eyes. We lost our beloved cat, George in March and I know what a sad day it is to lose a pet.

I'll give Eve and Ivy extra kisses today, remembering Riley.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear this. Blessings to you guys.


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to hear you had to have Riley put down Annette. I know he was a very loved Dog and I'm sure he felt well cared for.

Your Friend,

Rileysowner said...

That was Riley. A good dog.

Kim said...

Sorry to you and Jim, Annette. It's hard to let go our our animals.

Holly said...

So sorry...I know that is hard on all of you. :(

He had very kind eyes!