Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Prayer Request

Hey all

My dear on-line friend, Holly over at Seeking Faithfulness, has a prayer request.

In a nutshell.... the RH factor is causing a problem with her pregnancy. She's a bit over 3 months along now. It's a worry for the baby.

If you feel so led by God, could you keep her in your prayers?



Baxter said...

I thought there was a shot they could give to the mom's that had that problem? I hope so! But more so, I pray that God will see her through!

Holly said...

Hey Annette, thanks so much. That just is so kind of you.

It's not really an rh problem (although they are related.) Apparently it is extremely rare (like .2 percent of the population)with this type of combination. It's where my red blood cells have decided that the protein E (and there are like...45 different proteins)is an invader - so the fear is that it will target the baby's blood as an invader. I'm already sensitized - if I weren't there MIGHT be a type of shot to be given.

It could all be fine - or it could not be. We just simply have to wait and pray. We DO believe that God knows all things and has even this in his care - and we DO appreciate the prayers, more than we can say.


Annette said...

Oh sorry Holly, I didn't realize the difference. Thanks for clearing that up.

Still praying that all will go well with you and baby.

Holly said...

Hmmm - Annette - actually, I'm not even sure what the difference is. The doctor I spoke to last week said, "No." when I said, "Oh. It is an rh problem." But when I came home and read about it - it surely does sound like it. I'm wondering if she was telling me that it's not one of the more common rh problems - I understand that ABCand O are some of the more expected ones...

Ah, whatever. Maybe I'll understand more after this week.

Anyway....THANKS! :)