Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The Low-Maintenance Wife

Thanks to LAF for pointing me to this article.
some quotes i've pulled
First, we have to teach our children (girls so they can, boys so they don’t expect otherwise) to be Christ-like in their serving, loving, giving, forgiving. You all knew that already. Second, we and our children need to have a strong foundation in Christian principles, then academics. You knew that, too. Third, we and our children need to be flexible and resilient. You probably already knew that as a fact of life for homeschooling families. Fourth, we and our children need to live frugally.
A friend of mine who has a frugal existence yet is always smiling often remarks "Lord willing." If I say, "See you tommorrow," she’ll say, "Lord willing." If I ask her what she is doing next week, she’ll say, "Lord willing." If there is an event to do with area homeschoolers, she’ll commit with "Lord willing." It didn't used to sink in what she was really saying – now I get it. She will only do, say, think, and plan what the Lord has her to do. This is a big challenge for me. Talk about a low-maintenance wife; she shames me!
Just think of where our country would be today if all women, underneath the wings of our Lord-serving husbands, were so low-maintenance that we would go anywhere, do anything, be anyone our husband would ask us to be, "Lord willing."

It takes a low-maintenance wife to be the best helpmeet for a high-powered man of God. If we want our husbands to rise up and do their job, how much more so must we rise up first to our calling of total submission to Christ? Are we ladies doing our job in our homes to perform this great task now?
Anyways, go check it out. It was a good read.

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